The Universe is talking

How an incredible discovery at Antarctica’s “IceCube” observatory¬†could reveal some of the most tantalising secrets of deep space.

It’s been described as one of the world’s strangest telescopes. But the remarkable IceCube, occupying a full 1km3 under the Antarctic ice sheet, could soon shed light on some of the Universe’s most tantalising mysteries.

IceCube detects tens of thousands of high-energy neutrinos, ghostly sub-atomic particles, every year. Almost all of these are created by cosmic rays interacting with our atmosphere. Recently, however, an extraordinary discovery was made.

For the first time, a handful of high-energy neutrinos were detected that show distinct signs of coming from somewhere beyond our own galaxy, possibly from powerful sources such as active galaxies, blazars, or gamma-ray bursts.

In scientific terms, it’s a proverbial needle in a haystack. And in this fascinating presentation you’ll learn not only how these particles were found, but what they could reveal about the most distant and energetic objects in our Universe.

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