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Gail Anderson

Professor Gail Anderson is the Head of School of The University of Adelaide’s new School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

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Animals in Society, from fork to friend

The human-animal bond is deep and complex. Some animals we see as food, some as friends and others seemingly as facilitators of scientific progress.

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Commanding Health

How controlling the movement of cells can lead the fight against cancer, infection and autoimmune disease.

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Shaun McColl

Professor Shaun McColl is Head of Chemokine Biology and Deputy Head of the School of Molecular & Biomedical Science at The University of Adelaide

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Gordon Howarth

Professor Gordon Howarth is a Cancer Council Australia Senior Research Fellow and leads the University of Adelaide’s Digestive Health Research Group.

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Easier Pills to Swallow

Natural digestive system medicines are emerging with a previously elusive ingredient – evidence

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