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Commsec down on SA economy

Commsec’s latest State of the States report (released today and available at State of the States) marks SA 7th (behind only Tasmania) on economic performance. On the dimensions taken into account in Commsec’s rankings, SA ranks best (3rd) on population growth and equipment investment, but ranks 7th on economic growth and retail trade.

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Improving regulation of natural monopolies

In my recent article in the ACCC’s Network magazine (“What would an efficient regulatory contract look like?”, available here), I argue that Australia’s current regulatory system for natural monopolies (such as electricity, gas and water networks) is in need of fundamental reform, because it does not serve the long-term interests of consumers very well at […]

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Economics research sometimes macabre, but valuable too!

In my most recent Company Director column (“How long should a CEO stay?, available here), I reported that economists’ research shows that, in general, CEOs should not stay in their roles for more than 8-12 years. This finding reflects the trade-off between the incremental benefits and incremental costs to shareholders  of longer CEO tenures. Of […]

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Progressive social and economic reform through income-contingent loans

Tonight, the School of Economics hosts the 2015 Joseph Fisher Lecture. The annual Joseph Fisher Lecture is given by an eminent economist and focuses on a key policy issue(s).
Tonight’s lecture will be delivered by Professor Bruce Chapman. Bruce was a lecturer in our School early in his career; he is currently Professor of Economics at […]

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