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Slower growth in SA economy predicted for 2018/19

University of Adelaide economists say that they expect the South Australian economy to continue growing in 2018/19.
However, growth expectations have been revised down during the course of 2018, as a consequence of slower growth internationally and nationally, and because of slow household income growth in South Australia.
The University’s South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES) […]

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A new life for Whyalla – Michael O’Neil and Peter Gill

Whyalla’s ‘death notice’ has been written a number of times over the past 40 years, beginning with the closure of the shipyards in 1978, continuing with predictions of doom in the lead-up to the carbon tax, and most recently, as what was once the BHP steelworks clung to life, suffocating in debt and despair under […]

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Populate or perish – revisited, by Michael O’Neil and Peter Gill

When Australia’s first immigration minister, Arthur Calwell, declared Australia needed to “populate or perish” he was making a statement about the country’s vulnerability to invasion in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.
While the context has changed, the recently published ABS population projections to 2066 underscores an ongoing vulnerability. However, this time, to take […]

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SA Data Wrap – Spending growth slows as national house prices fall

Spending growth slows
Quarterly National Accounts data released by the ABS this week indicate that spending growth in South Australia has slowed through the course of the year. Quarterly growth in state final demand (SFD) in real trend terms slowed from 0.8 per cent in the March quarter to 0.4 per cent in the September quarter. […]

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SA Data Wrap – GSP growth recovery continues in 2017/18; local government price inflation moderates

State Accounts
Today the ABS released its annual State Accounts publication for financial year 2017/18. This publication provides the most detailed report available on the South Australian economy in aggregate; the ABS quarterly publications are less detailed.
South Australia’s gross state product (GSP) grew by 2.0 per cent in 2017/18, compared with 2.8 per cent growth in […]

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SA Data Wrap—Employment growth slows but improved levels persist

Total employment in South Australia showed a flat trend in October 2018, as it has over the last 6 months, according to ABS Labour Force Survey data released today. Full-time employment shows similar patterns.
But although employment growth has slowed recently, total employment in October was still 1.5 per cent higher than a year earlier, and […]

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Regional gambling data points to a recovery in discretionary spending in key regional cities

Latest annual data on gaming machine activity in hotels and clubs suggests that gambling expenditure – i.e. player losses – has partially recovered in the key northern regional economies of Whyalla, Port Augusta and the group of councils comprising Roxby Downs, Coober Pedy and Flinders Ranges. These recoveries follow relatively large falls over earlier years […]

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A new start for Newstart? – Peter Gill & Michael O’Neil

Accountants have been known to say: ‘The maths don’t lie.’ If that’s the case then the calls by a range of commentators, including within the business sector, for an increase in the unemployment ‘benefit’, Newstart, have merit.
So what story do the numbers tell?
Newstart has not been increased in real terms since 1994. Adjusted only for […]

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SA Data Wrap – Stable Unemployment and Weak Housing Finance Commitments – Tania Dey

Unemployment rate stabilises, more full time jobs created despite downturn in employment growth
The September 2018 Labour Force Survey results – released by the ABS today – indicate that through mid 2018 the SA labour market has been in its best condition since 2012. However, improvements in the labour market appear to have now stalled.
In September […]

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What’s the real price of hunger and poverty? – Michael O’Neil & Peter Gill

What does it say about a country that sits near the top of the list of highest income per capita nations in the world that more than four million of its people, or 18% of its population, often go hungry?
And while you consider that thought, is it surprising that we don’t know the social and […]

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