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Murray Darling Basin Declaration – Professor Sarah Wheeler

In the first week of February a group of senior water scientists and economists called for urgent action to address Murray-Darling Basin issues in a joint Declaration.
The signatories were concerned that $6 billion dollars in water recovery has been spent over the past decade, with $3.5 billion of this on irrigation infrastructure (on and off farm) and $2.5 […]

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SA Data Wrap – wage growth slows although employment growth remains solid, inflation faced by local government picks up

Wage growth slows in South Australia
Latest figures from the ABS indicate that the annual rate of wage growth in South Australia has continued to slow. Wages in South Australia as measured by the Wage Price Index (WPI) rose by 1.9 per cent through the year to the December quarter 2017. This annual result is the […]

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Revealing the true role of South Australian Services Exports

The South Australian services sector contributes more to exports than is revealed by trade statistics. As such, a policy environment that encourages competitiveness in the services sector will also improve our export competitiveness.
In 2016/17, South Australian services sector contributed nearly 60 per cent of the state’s Gross State Product (GSP) and more than three-quarters of […]

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Should banks offer credit to problem gamblers?

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry[1] will no doubt have many case studies referred to it pointing to current practices that appear to be unethical, display poor judgement on the part of the ‘offering institutions’ and other instances of poor lending and supervisory practice.
One of the most complained […]

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