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Where to for public sector reform?

As top departmental heads rolled in the wake of the election of the Marshall Liberal Government, the question was asked: ‘What next for the public service?’
Debate over the size and shape of South Australia’s public sector is a perennial issue in political and business circles and the SA Centre for Economic Studies added its perspective […]

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Migration important to SA regions

A major report on Australia’s population and the impact of immigration policy published by the Federal departments of Treasury and Home Affairs in April posed some pertinent questions for future research.
The report – Shaping a Nation, Population growth and immigration over time – asks, in part, whether the “current patterns of spatial distribution of population […]

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SA Data Wrap – final demand and exports ease

The overarching story from this week’s Data Wrap is that economic conditions in South Australia have moderated recently. Data on final demand, exports and retail sales all point to weaker trends during the early months of the year.
South Australia’s final demand growth slows
The ABS released estimates of state final demand (SFD) on Wednesday as part […]

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SA Data Wrap – wellbeing improves amidst national decline

This edition of Data Wrap considers recent South Australian developments in respect of business investment, construction activity, overseas services exports and the wellbeing of the population. A more detailed analysis of these topics will be provided in the Centre’s upcoming June Economic Briefing Report.
Private sector new capital expenditure softens
ABS data on private new capital expenditure, […]

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