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Horizontal fiscal equalisation and disincentive effects – by Jim Hancock

A number of submissions to the Productivity Commission’s Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation (HFE) Inquiry have argued that GST grants should be distributed between the States equal per capita. But conventional policy goals such as promoting efficiency, equity and productivity at the national level provide no support for this prescription.
NSW and WA have argued to the Inquiry […]

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Unequal fiscal burdens and interstate migration – by Robert Schwarz

Is it fair to have to move interstate because of the taxpayer burden of public health costs of the elderly in one’s state of residence?
Under the system of horizontal fiscal equalization (HFE), state governments are given equal capacity to provide public hospital services even if there are different numbers of elderly in one state rather […]

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Policies to give South Australia a migration program that will meet its needs

We have recently been undertaking research into the extent to which current migration policies meet South Australia’s needs, and how migration interacts with the broader economic challenges facing the state, in particular our ‘demographic deficit’ of an older, less active in the labour market, lower qualification, working age population.
These demographic challenges present some specific difficulties […]

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South Australia Data Wrap – labour market conditions continue to improve

Another positive labour market report for South Australia
The August results of the Labour Force Survey released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last week paint a brighter picture of labour market conditions for South Australia. Trend estimates indicate that total employment rose by 2,040 persons to approximately 827,000 persons in August, while unemployment […]

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States’ submissions to Productivity Commission Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation Inquiry

There are some interesting submissions at the PC’s Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation (HFE) Inquiry website.
Victoria, Queensland, SA, Tasmania, ACT and NT are all in favour of HFE albeit with some suggestions for improvement. None of these States buy the line that HFE is undermining reform, growth or productivity. NSW and WA are opposed to HFE and […]

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Latest regional gambling data shows continued decline in gaming machine expenditure across most regions in South Australia

Expenditure on electronic gaming machines (EGM) located in hotels and clubs fell across most regions of South Australia in 2016/17. These results are contained in the latest edition of SACES’s Gambling Database which provides regional level data on gaming machine activity in South Australian licensed venues (excluding the Casino).¹ The database is compiled from data […]

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SA Data Wrap – 11 September – National Accounts point to solid growth in June quarter

This week’s data wrap considers the latest National Accounts data, which indicates that the South Australian economy was growing at a solid pace in the June quarter. However, consideration of more recent partial indicators suggest that economic conditions had eased early in the September quarter.
State final demand continues to grow solidly
The various partial indicators of […]

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South Australian Data Wrap – 4 September

In today’s data wrap we review the key data releases from last week that provide insight into South Australia’s recent macroeconomic performance.
Construction activity continues to grow solidly
Activity in the South Australian construction sector rose solidly in the June quarter, extending the strong recovery that emerged in late 2016. Preliminary estimates released by the Australian Bureau […]

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