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Meridth Ebbs, our NSW CSER team member, is hosting a CSER Digital Technologies workshop in Port Macquarie as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations!

This workshop will investigate fun ways to incorporate coding and robotics into the NSW curriculum, and is suitable for teachers, pre-service teachers and home schoolers. The workshop will include time to investigate different tools that can be borrowed through the CSER Digital Technologies lending library and offline tasks using literacy. Will also discuss the priority for teaching girls to code and how to be inclusive in the classroom.

Suitable for K-10 teachers just starting out on the coding/STEM/Makerspace journey. Or those wanting to learn more. Current course participants in the CSER MOOC programs are welcome to attend also! More information available here.

Thank you to Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Library Service for their support of this event.

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Steven Payne, our Western Australia CSER member, will be shortly running a series of Professional Learning sessions across schools in the Pilbara region of WA, providing a great example of the kinds of support that the CSER Digital Technologies Program can provide.

The trip kicks off at St, Paul’s Primary School, Karratha, on the 21st February with a 2-hour workshop for local teachers and school leaders (from about 12 schools), during which Steven will introduce the CSER digital technologies programs, work through some activities and discuss how our resources can support schools in the delivery of the digital technologies curriculum. For the rest of the week, Steven will be providing support to teachers in different schools with different activities. Schools booked in for visits include: Wickham Primary School, Baynton West Primary School, Dampier Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School, and Roebourne District High School.

Within these workshops, Steven will be providing:

1) Overview of the CSER MOOCs – teachers getting registered and started on the exciting online learning journey
2) Trying out unplugged digital technologies activities for different age groups
3) Examples of integrating digital technologies into different learning areas, e.g. maths, English, science
4) Working through the PL-in-a-Box resources, showing how teachers and leaders can support other staff with bitesize PL
6) Showing examples of resources and lesson activities for a particular aspect of DT e.g. algorithms, data representation, information systems, programming, etc.

If you are interested in discussing how we could work with your school or region to support CSER Digital Technologies, please contact us here!

At the same time, our colleagues and collaborators in Western Australia, Scitech will be running a series of events also in the Pilbara. Scitech are providing ongoing STEM support for teachers and a Science Enquiry Skills workshop, and running the Karratha Math Gala on the 25th February with teacher workshops, leadership seminars and a Family Fun Math Arvo for parents and students. For further information on the Scitech events, please click here.

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We recently received a wonderful email from a Western Australian teacher, Tim Collins, who shared his experience so far in our Digital Technologies course. He has kindly agreed for us to share his story with you. We feel Tim’s story might encourage and inspire others who share a similar experience!

Tim Collins, Maylands Peninsula Primary School.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins

My name is Tim Collins and in 2017 I commenced teaching Year 6 Digital Technology at the Maylands Peninsula Primary School (MPPS) in Perth, Western Australia. I am a late starter to teaching having only just graduated from a Grad Dip in Primary Education in 2016. I balance my role at MPPS (one day) with four full time days a week in a commercial role with the NYSE listed Canadian multinational, Brookfield.

Prior to the start of the school year, I began the CSER Digital Technologies Education Program (Computer Science Education Research) offered online by the University of Adelaide. The CSER Digital Technologies Education Program provides a number of free, open online courses designed to assist teachers in preparing for the new Digital Technologies learning area.

At this stage I am around half way through the program and can attest to the fact that it has been a very important tool in helping both frame and position my Year 6 program. Although I have worked alongside digital technology all my working life in commerce, this program has helped me understand the key learning intentions associated with the new curriculum whilst providing leads to a significant number of ideas and resources.

I am grateful to have happened upon the program whilst simply searching the web for tools and ideas in Digital Technology and hope that all schools encourage their teachers to take a look at the CSER Digital Technology Education Program.


We look forward to following Tim’s journey in our course Google+ Community! Learn more about our CSER MOOCs on our website.

Do you have an experience or story you’d like to share with us? Email your story to cser@adelaide.edu.au

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Linda McIver, a Computer Scientist and Educator at the John Monash Science School, shared how she used our PL-in-a-Box materials and content from the CSER F-6 MOOCs to run a professional learning session recently. I ran a PD recently for a Primary School whose staff were trying to wrap their heads around the new Digital Technologies Curriculum […]

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Sue Carter, Northern Territory Digital Technologies Project Officer, is conducting a range of professional learning opportunities for teachers to assist with their knowledge and understanding of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. In this article she shares her experience of running a full day professional learning event with staff at Humpty Doo Primary School. Planning Digital […]

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The CSER team is back on board and looking forward to working with you in 2017. Our dedicated Project Officers continue to work with teachers across the country. To access FREE face-to-face professional learning in your school follow the link. New in 2017 is our National Lending Library program. For further information or to register […]

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Our CSER Digital Technologies Education Program is now launching our National Lending Library program, with our first kits available from Term 1, 2017! We will have several classroom kits available in our lending library, including kits built around using BeeBots, Makey Makeys, Spheros, and Ozobots in the classroom. Each kit contains a number of each device […]

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CSER will be hosting a Digital Technologies Workshop at Scienceworks on the 23rd January. Visit Test Lab, the temporary maker space at Scienceworks and then find out about the new range of Digital Technologies programs now available to teachers, provided free-of-charge by the University of Adelaide. Find out more and register here. The event will start […]

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Join us for a 2 day CSER Digital Technologies Immersion Program in Doubleview WA on the 6th and 7th December, hosted by Catholic Education Western Australia, open to all teachers. This two-day event will allow teachers and school leaders to understand the WA Digital Technologies curriculum and prepare for its implementation. Attendees will have time to work […]

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On Saturday 30 October 2016, Steven Payne, WA CSER Project Officer had the pleasure of presenting at the 2016 Relief Teacher Conference in Perth. In his 90 minute session Steven spent time working in the context of the Western Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum and making connections with the CSER Digital Technologies MOOCs. Over 70 relief […]

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