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CSER’s Victorian based Project Officer, Celia Coffa,NextSteps-285x is visiting Mildura this week to deliver professional learning on the Digital Technologies Curriculum. The event is free and open to primary and secondary teachers in Mildura and surrounding regions.

Celia will introduce the CSER online courses (MOOC’s), explore Digital Technologies curriculum content, work through some example activities and explain the other resources offered by CSER to support teachers to develop skills and knowledge in this area.

You will leave this session with access to many resources to explore later and ideas to use the next day!

To register for the event please follow this link.

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910ExploreYears 9 & 10 Digital Technologies: Explore!

Digital Technologies involves learning about how we can create new technologies, as well as use them. This course will guide you through the fundamentals of the content descriptors and achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies for Teachers of Years 9 & 10. We take a project-based approach in this course within the context of game development, working through stages from identifying your game, identifying the data requirements, design, implementation and testing. We will work with you to help you explore the concepts and processes that you need, as well as providing examples of classroom activities and evaluation & assessment.

Join us to learn about how digital technology can be integrated into your classroom, and connect with our Australia-wide community designed to share resources and support!

The MOOC is accepting registrations now and starts on 1 July 2017. Register here.
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NextSteps-285xPlease click here to enrol!

The MOOC explains the fundamentals of digital technology and computational thinking specifically addressing the learning objectives of the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum for Teachers of Years 7 & 8. The MOOC explores the design and development of a classroom project around application development, covering a range of Digital Technologies related skills from the Australian Curriculum. Starting from a conceptual model of the application, the MOOC covers design principles, various implementation approaches, as well as testing and debugging, together with evaluation and assessment ideas for each of these steps.

Within each unit, we include worked examples showcasing the concepts presented in the unit. Our worked examples focus on two apps, and throughout the MOOC we show how to organize and analyse data, how to design the app, how to develop and implement it, and then how to test and debug any issues. We also include a unit that focuses on the practical aspects of teaching Digital Technologies at years 78, with ideas for cross-curricular teaching as well as a breakdown of 3, 5, or 10-week modules depending on the available time.

We look forward to seeing you in our new MOOC!

 Blog post by Dr Claudia Szabo

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Leeanne King, Assistant Principal, Orchard Grove Primary School in Blackburn South, Victoria, has been passionate about using technology in schools for many years.  The arrival of the Digital Technologies curriculum was an exciting opportunity to build their staff capacity and their confidence in implementing the new curriculum. After participating in the Foundations – Year 6 […]

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The CSER Digital Technologies Education team is pleased to be working with The Smith Family to support schools in low socio economic areas to participate in the Young ICT Explorers competition. The competition encourages school students to become creators and innovators of digital technology. It is a project-based competition encouraging students to develop a project using […]

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The Australian F-6 Curriculum: Digital Technologies provides a number of opportunities for making connections with Australia F-6 Curriculum: Mathematics. We have seen some fabulous examples of how Digital Technologies can support Mathematics in our MOOC Communities, and we will be sharing some of those ideas here, which will help show how these two learning areas could […]

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The NASA International Space Apps Challenge provides an opportunity for anyone and everyone (educator, student, scientist, artist, builder, storyteller) to have a go at solving our Earth’s challenges using NASA open source data. There will be a Pre-Event Information Night at 5.30 pm on Friday 21 April, and the 48-hour Hackathon will take place on […]

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Presented by CSER Queensland Project Officer, Lauren Stanhope, this session is designed to break down the Digital Technologies Curriculum for teachers of Prep – Year 6, using the CSER MOOC resources. For further information or to register for this event, please visit here.

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Presented by CSER Queensland Project Officer, Lauren Stanhope, this session is designed to assist Digital Technologies leaders to provide Professional Learning within their own primary school contexts. For further information or to register for this event, please visit here.

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Following the very successful Digital Technologies event held on the West Coast of Tasmania in November 2016 and presented by Professor Katrina Falkner and Dr Nick Falkner, the six most remote schools in that state have formed a professional network to support the uptake of the Digital Technologies curriculum. Late last year the principals of […]

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