Martin Breed – Travel Report From Costa Rica

Martin Breed reports on his recent field trip to Costa Rica.

Martin Breed recently travelled to Costa Rica to attend meetings and fieldwork days with academics from CATIE, University of Costa Rica and the National University of Costa Rica.

This was an opportunity for ACEBB to develop exciting new research opportunities.

Several manuscripts will form the academic output from data collected on the fieldtrip. New ACEBB funding opportunities from international sources will be obtainable with collaboration with Costa Rican and other international institutions. Discussions were held on potential DNA barcoding research and setting up a sister TREND project.

Martin’s trip was a great opportunity to build ACEBB’s research profile. Both the DNA barcoding and TREND concepts were enthusiastically received, with significant progress made towards sourcing funding and partner organisations.

Martin would like to thank the Environment Institute for their generous support, providing the financial opportunity to develop long-lasting and productive relationship between CATIE, UCR and NaU of Costa Rica and ACEBB.

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