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New megafauna fossils unveiled at Naracoorte Caves

The South Australian Museum has loaned a complete Diprotodon skull and jaws for long term display in the Fossil Centre at the Naracoorte Caves World Heritage Area. Due to its age and condition the Diprotodon skull required many months of cleaning and preparation by SA Museum staff and volunteers. Marjorie Jones, a long term volunteer at […]

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Published in Nature – plant evolution from gene scans

Released in Nature magazine, new paper explores the evolutionary history of plants through DNA analysis. Researchers at the University of Adelaide have been a part of this exciting task. There are three genomes to analyse in plants, within their: nucleus mitochondria (the battery-like power centres of the cell) chloroplasts (the solar cell like structures that […]

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PAPER: Neutralising the meat paradox

If you’ve questioned meat-eating habits before, you’re not alone. Researchers from the University of Adelaide (et al) have been studying the apparent disconnection between not wanting animals to suffer, yet killing them for food. This has been termed the ‘meat paradox’. Meat eating is a common behaviour, despite many people claiming to like, love, and […]

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