The Neandertal in you: what have we learned from the Neandertal Genome Project

Listen to visiting Prof Carles Lalueza-Fox speak about findings from the Neandertal Genome Project.

The Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) was pleased to host Professor Carles Lalueza-Fox who gave a free public talk on ‘The Neandertal in you: what have we learned from the Neandertal Genome Project?’ on 9 December at the University of Adelaide.

Prof. Carles Lalueza (Inst. of Evolutionary Biology, UPF, Barcelona) is an international expert on both ancient DNA and Neandertal genetics. He was a key member of the team that recently sequenced the entire Neandertal genome. His work has included research on human evolution, including skin and hair colour, and other phenotypic traits, as well as evolutionary studies on a range of extinct species from around the world.

Prof. Lalueza spoke about the many findings that have come from the Neandertal genome project, such as the discovery that non-African populations around the world appear to possess a contribution of around 4% Neandertal DNA in their genomes.

For an insight into the migratory history of the human species on a global scale, you may be interested in the Genographic Project event recently held in Adelaide.

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