Making a ‘machine’ for projecting and monitoring population persistence – Paul Sunnucks Presentation

Download a podcast of Paul Sunnucks presenting ‘Making a ‘machine’ for projecting and monitoring population persistence’ for the Environment Institute.

Paul Sunnucks

ACEBB presented a free seminar by Paul Sunnucks, from the School of Biological Sciences, and Australian Centre for Biodiversity Faculty of Science, Monash University.

Molecular ecology as a discipline was born around 20 years ago. It makes contributions to the most effective approaches to tackle some of the most important and difficult issues in ecology such as population connectivity, demography and evolutionary change, and is increasingly efficient and useful. However, it has been surprisingly difficult to achieve substantial uptake in ecology and environmental management.

Sunnucks considers the example of the challenges and potential approaches to arguably the most important yet difficult question in ecological management: how to project and monitor population persistence.

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