ACAD Guest Speaker – Professor Keith Dobney

The Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) presents a seminar by guest speaker Professor Keith Dobney from the Department of Archaeology, University of Aberdeen, UK.

The talk is titled ‘From falconry to farming: new ways of exploring the “Neolithic Revolution” through the fossil vertebrate record.’

In this presentation, Keith will discuss the results of diverse research, carried out over the last 15 years on fossil vertebrate remains across the Old World, which is shedding new light on one of the most important bio-cultural transitions in human history – the shift from foraging to farming.

Abstract: The processes through which the economic and cultural elements linked with the origins and spread of early farmers throughout Eurasia remain among the least understood and most hotly debated topics in archaeology. Domesticated and commensal animals are integral components of that debate and their remains are key to understanding when, where and why it occurred.

When: Tuesday, 14th February, 2012

Where: Benham Lecture Theatre

Time: 4pm for 4:10 start – 5pm.

All Welcome!

Download the pdf Flyer for more information

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