Official launch of TREND

The official launch of TREND – Transects for Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making – will be held on Friday 27th April at the National Wine Centre.

TREND is a component of the Long Term Ecological Research Network, a long-term environmental monitoring program dedicated to recording information on Australian ecosystems and key species.

TREND will be using the launch to intoduce the brand, project and Smart Phone app to its stakeholders and government associates. Environment Institute members Professor Andrew Lowe, head of Terrestrial Ecosystems and Professor Corey Bradshaw, head of Marine Ecosystems, as well as Dr Peter Hayman, head of Primary Production will be attending the event and showcasing some of their latest research along with Susan Sweeney, presenting policy and collaboration with the Government of South Australia.

This event is invitation only, however key presentations will be made available on the TREND website shortly after the event.

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