New Paper – Leaf morphology shift: new data and analysis support climate link

A new paper involving Environment Institute members Greg Guerin and Andrew Lowe has recently been published in the Journal Biology Letters.

Samples from the Narrow-leaf Hopbush from the State Herbarium (Photo by Greg Guerin)

The paper titled ‘Leaf morphology shift: new data and analysis support climate link’ is following on from a previous paper written by Dr Guerin, Haixia Wen and Professor Lowe (‘Leaf morphology shift in response to climate change’) where the researchers concluded that climate change is changing the width of leaves.

This new research uses alternative data splits and statistical methods to re-test their original findings, including an extra 10 years’ worth of new data on leaf width from extra specimens collected up to 2011.

Read the paper to find out more

Professor Andrew Lowe has written an in depth Blog post about this research on Biodiversity Revolution called ‘First signs that climate change is causing adaptive shifts in plants’

Read an article relating to this research on ABC News

Read the Environment Institute’s previous blog post about this research and see past media coverage

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