Biodiversity Brief Issue 1 out now!

Conserving biodiversity and dealing with the effects of climate change are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today. Species are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, while entire ecosystems are collapsing due to biodiversity loss or the inability of species to cope with a changing climate.

But there are actions that can be taken to ameliorate these effects, and Professor Andy Lowe, Director of the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity, and his team, intend to highlight the issues and discuss possible remediation through the quarterly publication of ‘Biodiversity Brief’.

biobriefThe first issue of Biodiversity Brief is now available to read. This edition focuses on biodiversity adaptation to climate change.
In this issue:

  • Adapt, Migrate or die.
  • The new genomics and modeling technologies
  • Science, policy, action!
  • The end of civilisation!

You can view the e-magazine online here, or download a pdf of the Biodiversity brief from the Biodiversity Revolution Blog.

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