Podcast for David Lodge seminar now available.

The podcast from the seminar by David Lodge Prevention is better than the cure: Research priorities for global biosecurity is now available.

Professor David Lodge

Professor Lodge is one of the world’s leading researchers working in global change biology and invasion ecology. With expertise in land-water links, invasive species, and environmental policy, his research critically examines how our activities impact, and continue to change, the habitats that provide us with drinking water, recreation and fisheries, and valuable biodiversity. Some of the key questions that Professor Lodge’s research addresses include:

  • What has led to the global eutrophication of inland lakes and seas?
  • What is the impact of changes in biodiversity, and the increasing dominance of invasive species, on aquatic systems?
  • When the costs to control invasive species far exceed the cost to prevent, why don’t we invest more in prevention?

In Australia, the threats to environmental resources and amenities are multiplying, putting pressure on our communities and economies. These pressures are predicted to accelerate with increasing human use of the landscape and limited water supplies, as well as the human-assisted movement of plant and animal species from one place to another. What are the risks to our health and wellbeing?

Podcast download [50 MB]

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  1. Rob says:

    Unable to download podcast, using link under article title AND link “Podcast download [50MB] : “IE cannot display the webpage”.

    • The Environment Institute says:

      Hi Rob,

      I’ve updated the links for the podcasts. Please try again, they should work now.