The world’s largest natural carbon sink on earth: The Ocean with Professor Bronwyn Gillanders

At the Environment Institute and Centre for Energy Technology‘s public forum ‘Meeting Australia’s Climate Change Targets: Price, Opportunity and Pathways’, Professor Bronwyn Gillanders spoke on ‘The world’s largest natural carbon sink on earth: The Ocean’.

Professor Gillanders is the Deputy Director, Environment Institute and a marine biologist from the University of Adelaide. She is currently leading the climate action through blue carbon research at the University. Did you know two thirds of the earths oxygen comes the ocean? Our coastal vegetated habitats such as mangrove forests etc – have been termed blue carbon habitats. They are extremely efficient at capturing and storing carbon and are therefore considered an important carbon ‘sink’ and a useful tool in combatting climate change. Watch her presentation below:

This event was held on 29th of April 2019.

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