ARC Future Fellowship success for Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Tyler

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jonathan Tyler, one of eight University of Adelaide University Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship recipients recently announced.

His Future Fellowship will look at past trends and future risk of climate extremes in southern Australia. Prolonged droughts and periods of heightened flood and fire risk present a major challenge for Australia’s society and economy. This proposal aims to better resolve the causes and risks of decadal climate extremes through a suite of high quality records of temperature, rainfall/evaporation and humidity in southern Australia over 2000 years. Novel geochemical analyses will be developed and applied to lake sediments – method development which is likely to benefit climate, minerals and biosecurity research. New knowledge of mechanisms underlying climate variability is expected to benefit fundamental research, while future-facing models will allow land managers and policy makers to better anticipate extraordinary climate events.

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