PODCAST: Exotic plants and animals: the illegal wildlife trade happening right under your nose

There is increasing interest in owning wild and exotic animals and the internet is able to serve up whatever your heart desires, even if importing these animals is illegal.

In the latest Ecofuturist episode, Professor Andy Lowe speaks with Dr Phill Cassey and PhD student Charlotte Lassaline, both from the School of Biological Sciences as well as from the Invasion Science and Wildlife Ecology Group at the University of Adelaide.

They talk about what it’s going to take to conserve and recover ecosystems in a world where wildlife is being traded, not only in secret corners of the internet, but often right in front of our eyes.

Here is a snippet of the discussion:


Listen to the full episode here: 

Lead image: (from L to R) Professor Andy Lowe, Dr Phill Cassey and Charli Lassaline.

Eco Futurists is supported by the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide.

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