Agribusiness Webinar Wed 5 July 6.15pm-7pm

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Agribusiness is a growing and dynamic industry both domestically and globally.The job prospects and opportunities within private and public sectors are fantastic.

You are in good company to hear first hand from our leading academic and industry experts.

  • Program Director Craig Johns, Associate Director of Agribusiness Innovation at the Centre for Global Food and Resources, University of Adelaide;  and
  • John Crosby Chairman of our Agribusiness Advisory Board (AAB)

Our new Agribusiness program offering has the distinctive advantage and opportunities that come from our close connections with industry.

Our Master of Agribusiness equips future leaders of agribusiness with the knowledge to focus on the ‘business’ of agribusiness across: resources, grain, seafood, wool, meat, dairy as well as processed food, banking and investment industries.

Students gain first hand experience through our internships with leading local companies and work on global research projects with a dynamic mix of students from nearly 30 different countries.

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