SACES Gambling Research

Gambling Research Australia (GRA) has recently invited the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies to undertake a national research project on the casino industry in Australia. The GRA noted that the majority of gambling research has been conducted at a venue level focusing principally on hotels and clubs. However, casinos have a unique place within the Australian gambling industry. They are destination venues which attract interstate and overseas visitors yet the majority of their customers are local residents.

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between casinos and local gamblers, their regulatory environment and the effect of promotional and responsible gambling initiatives. This large scale comprehensive study, to be conducted over eighteen months, will research the industry and identify (for example):

  • how the market is changing and casinos are adapting;
  • the economic benefits of casino development;
  • the nature of the products being offered;
  • the impact of non-tax concessional factors on local players;
  • the risk level of local casino gamblers and if and how this differs from that of other local gamblers; and
  • the effect of promotional (including advertising) and responsible gambling activities on local residents.
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