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South Australian Budget 2018/19

Yesterday Treasurer Rob Lucas brought down the Marshall Government’s first Budget.
The Budget foreshadows a significant contraction in the SA public sector’s share of the economy, with the ratio of expenses to GDP projected to fall from a little over 18 per cent of gross state product (GSP) in 2017/18 to 16.4 per cent of GSP […]

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The 2017-18 State Budget – Michael O’Neil

The South Australian State Budget 2017-18 forecasts the South Australian economy to grow at 2.25 per cent (3.0 per cent nationally) with employment growth at 1.0 per cent over the next year. Public sector employment was forecast (in 2016-17) to decline by some 700 positions in 2017-18 but will in fact now increase by some […]

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Media Releases – June 2012 Economic Briefing

The SA Centre for Economic Studies today released its June 2012 Economic Briefing Report which provides an assessment of the recent performance of the South Australian economy.  The report also contains a number of ‘Focus Articles’ which provide a closer look at particular economic issues of relevance to the South Australian economy.
Four media releases which […]

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