Dunstan Environment Dialogues: Biodiversity Begins At Home

Listen to Craig Gillespie speak about Biodiversity Begins At Home at last Wednesday’s Dunstan Dialogues.

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‘Biodiversity’ is the sum total of all living things on the planet, and it is organised into species, communities and ecosystems. Biodiversity provides us with food, materials and energy: we eat animals and plants; insects pollinate most of our crops; soil microbes assist plant growth; vegetation reduces flooding and cleanses drinking water; and so on. Yet much of the world’s biodiversity is in peril – species are going extinct or becoming rare faster than almost any time in the last several million years. If we do not halt the biodiversity crisis, humans will suffer deeply. What can we do?

This Dunstan Dialogue focused on ways that you and society in general could make a difference by taking the initiative to protect and restore habitats and to reduce one’s own ecological footprint.

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