Today’s opportunity in energy efficiency – Podcast now available

Download a podcast of a presentation by the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of BigBelly Solar, Jim Poss.

Jim Poss

The talk was hosted by the Environment Institute and The Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources as part of The University of Adelaide’s Research Week on Friday 28th October.

We can’t afford to depend on cold fusion, safe nuclear or sustainable fuels to avert the worldwide catastrophe of climate change. Today’s opportunity is in energy efficiency. Economically and environmentally, energy efficiency opportunities represent most of the progress we will make in the next 1-2 decades. Careers in energy efficiency can help you do good and do well.

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  1. I totally agree what what said about the nuclear energy and its risks nowadays..even with best precautions and control system of emergency..we need safer and economical energy nowadays to avoid the pollution of the my point of view ,natural energy is the best (solar energy)..but still a bit expensive in initial addition ,if we can safely control the liberated energy produced from the explosion of Hydrogen we can get another clean source energy….regards