Research Tuesdays free public lecture – Hard data

Bronwyn Gilanders

Inaugural lecture by Professor Bronwyn Gillanders – The fascinating ecological and environmental insights being revealed by marine organisms’ hard body parts.

Although marine waters present a challenging research environment, the remarkable data obtained there by the University of Adelaide’s Professor Bronwyn Gillanders and her team has proven well worth the effort.

Studying the hard structures of marine organisms, such as teeth and bones the team has successfully used the information gained to cast light on important ecological and environmental questions. For example:

  • seal teeth are being used to reconstruct historical climate – growth relations, and subsequently predict future biological responses to environmental change
  • fish ear bones preserved in archaeological middens are revealing Indigenous fishing habits
  • trace elements within sharks’ vertebrae are being used to inform fisheries management

In this, her Inaugural lecture, Professor Gillanders will explain how.

When:       Tuesday 25 August, 5:30 – 6:30pm
Where:      North Terrace Campus, The Braggs lecture theatre
Bookings:  Register online or call 8313 0884

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