Research Tuesdays. Unreconciled: Museums, Galleries and Aboriginal Art History


Don’t miss out on Research Tuesdays Seminar presented by Dr John Carty on 14 June, 2016.

Dr John Carty is Head of Anthropology at the South Australian Museum.

The value of the South Australian Museum is unquestioned. It holds among the most extensive and important collections of Aboriginal creativity and material culture in the world. But what values, and whose values, does a museum promote in the way it cares for and displays art and material culture? How does this differ from the role of an Art Gallery? And where on North Terrace, if anywhere, does the extraordinary narrative of Aboriginal art history play out?

Australia is home to the most interesting, continuous and dynamic artistic traditions on our planet. Yet this story gets diluted in the divisions between art galleries and museums, between their collections, and between the intellectual traditions such as art history and anthropology that interpret them.

In this lecture we walk the laneway between the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum, and explore the competing, complementary and evolving roles that Australian cultural institutions play in reshaping the narratives of Australian art and history.

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