Almost $5 million funding available for South Australian coastal protection efforts

Funding is available for councils, researchers, business and community groups over the next four years for practical on-ground coastal projects which will deliver environmental and economic benefits.

The State Government, with the Coast Protection Board, is providing funding and calling on further applications for projects to restore and protect the state’s coastline.

South Australia’s coastlines are at risk of erosion, flooding and sand dune drift, which are being exacerbated by rising sea levels.

South Australia’s coastline is the first defence against a changing climate and beaches are often at the heart of our regional communities’ economies. This funding will help deliver improved environmental outcomes and boost jobs in our regions.

The nearly $5 million in coastal funding forms part of these three funds:

  • Regional Coast Protection Fund is providing $4 million over four years for regional coastal councils.
  • Research and Development Fund is providing $650,000 over two years for research institutions, councils, business, community groups and non-government organisations.
  • Coastal Community Participation grant program is providing $40,000 in 2019-20 for coastal community and volunteer groups.

Fifteen coastal councils will share in more than $1 million in round one of the Regional Coast Protection Fund to help repair, restore and sustain South Australia’s 5000 km of regional coastline.

The coastal councils will deliver twenty projects such as design and construction of protection works, beach replenishment, and coastal hazard risk and adaptation planning.

Also five councils will share in $190,000 worth of research and development funding towards South Australia’s long-term coastal management and protection.

Research institutions, councils, business, community groups and non-government organisations can still apply for research and development funding, with a total of $650,000 available.

In addition, applications are now open to volunteer and community groups to partner with coastal councils and share in $40,000 of Coastal Community Participation Grants in 2019-20 to undertake small-scale, on-ground coastal initiatives.

These volunteer grants aim to involve local communities in coastal management and encourage environmental protection with activities like dune revegetation, community education and monitoring programs.

Applications for the research and development funding close on 28 February.

The 2019-20 Coastal Community Participation Grants will be available until all funding is allocated.

To apply visit Department for Environment and Water website.

Original article from DEW.

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