SEMINAR: Assessing the Diverse Values of Nature – Professor Christopher Raymond

Recently, The University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER) and School of Social Sciences jointly hosted a seminar by Professor Christopher Raymond of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science: ‘Conceptualising and Assessing the Diverse Values of Nature’.

The IPBES Values Assessment, published in July 2022, represents a definitive new global synthesis of the state of nature, ecosystems and nature’s contributions to people. In his seminar, Prof. Raymond presented an overview of the key messages of the IPBES Values Assessment, including how to understand, measure and make visible the diverse values of nature; leverage the diverse values of nature for transformative change towards sustainability, and embed the values of nature in transformative decision-making for sustainability.

Prof Raymond is Professor of Sustainability Science (Sustainability Transformations and Ecosystem Services) at the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science at the University of Helsinki in Finland. His research interests include sense of place; nature-based solutions; the social valuation of nature; and the conservation of biodiversity. Since 2018, Prof. Raymond has been Coordinating Lead Author (Chapter 2) of the IPBES Values Assessment.

You can view a recording of the seminar on the Environment Institute’s YouTube channel.

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