Invasion Science & Wildlife Ecology Group accolades at the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions ‘Balanced Research Program’.

Congratulations to Dr Pablo Garcia Diaz, Adam Toomes and Katherine Hill who were acknowledged at last Friday’s Centre for Invasive Species Solutions ‘Balanced Research Program’ celebrations in the Australian Academy of Science’s Shine Dome in Canberra.

Dr Pablo Garcia Diaz was awarded the inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award for 2022. Adam Toomes and Katherine Hill, PhD candidates, were both Leadership Development Bursary recipients in the same program. All three are members of Environment Institute’s Associate Professor Phill Cassey, Invasion Science & Wildlife Ecology Group. Associate Professor Cassey is the Head of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, School of Biological Sciences and leader of the Invasion Science & Wildlife Ecology Group.

The Balanced Researcher Program has been running for 16 years, preparing PhD candidates for entry into the workforce and allowing them to be active contributors to that workforce from day one. Students are trained in business acumen, leadership, team building skills, and specific training to complete their research thesis and fulfil future career goals. Students also undertake a placement within an industry body to gain experience,

Find out more about Pablo, Adam and Katherine’s research:

  • Starts at 28:50     Adam Toomes – ‘Exotic Pet Trade & Australian Biosecurity’
  • Starts at 1:09:04  Katherine Hill –  ‘Parrot trade in Australia’
  • Starts at 1:40:37  Pablo Garcia-Diaz – ‘Of quantitative models and workshops: informing the management of alien species in three continents

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