WORKSHOP: Communicating science through the arts for Adelaide Festival 2024

The Environment Institute is excited to be collaborating with the Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Dynamic State to communicate science through the arts for Adelaide Festival 2024.

The Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra have embarked on two ambitious projects centered around climate change and community engagement. 

The first project, Create4Adelaide, aims to involve young people across the state in exploring the intersection of the climate crisis and the arts. It involves school workshops for various categories of schools and a digital open call for the creation of activist artworks focused on climate change. The project culminates in an exhibition during Adelaide Festival 2024, showcasing the artworks created by young people. The project’s priorities, as voted by young people, include the extinction of plants and animals, extreme weather events (such as bushfires, floods, and droughts), and pollution of air and waterways.

The second project, titled “Floods of Fire,” aims to collaborate with communities across South Australia in creating performances and participating in the Citizens Orchestra. Artists and scientists will work together to develop art that addresses the climate change crises of extreme floods and fires.

Opportunities for HDR students and researchers

Individuals engaged in science and research, aged 35 or under are offered the opportunity to actively participate in these projects.

The project priorities are climate-related; however, we will consider a broad range of research.

Opportunities through Create4Adelaide and Floods of Fire include co-leading workshops with artists in schools as part of Create4Adelaide, engaging with community groups during the Floods of Fire project as resident scientists, and participating in artist/scientist co-creation projects to develop artworks for exhibition. The level of involvement can be defined by each researcher.

In March 2024, researchers will also have the chance to speak at seminars during the Adelaide Festival, discussing themes emerging from Create4Adelaide and Floods of Fire. These seminars will take place at the South Australian Museum and Botanic Gardens, providing opportunities for researchers to engage with the general public.

Workshop details

To facilitate involvement, an info session will be held at the University of Adelaide on the 24th of July, led by the Environment Institute and Dynamic State in collaboration with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Festival teams. Researchers attending the workshop will learn about upcoming activities directly from Create4Adelaide and Floods of Fire, be able to navigate involvement and sign up for the different activities. The event will also feature a small workshop on science communication with the purpose to support researchers moving forward in their communication with artists.

Time: 5-7pm
Date: Monday 24th
Venue: University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus, Room details to be provided after registration.

There are limited spots available. To secure your spot apply here by 13th of July.

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