PODCAST: Nature deprivation: the real consequences

July’s EcoFuturists podcast explores what are the real public health impacts of declines in the natural environments and green spaces.

The microbiome… what is it and why is it so important?

Microbes are all around us wherever we go and come in many forms. Microbiome is the ecosystem of microbes that are on and in us. It’s not just about gut health – the ingestion of microbes can affect the brain, our immunity, stress and anxiety. And the earlier the exposure, the better for us in the longer term. But how can we get better ‘bang for our buck’ from microbiome exposure, particularly in our urban environments?

In the lastest EcoFuturists podcast episode Professor Andy Lowe speaks with Dr Jess Stanhope and Professor Phil Weinstein about how public health is affected by our urban environments and the promising future for disease prevention and treatment by reversing global urban nature deprivation.

Here is a snippet of the discussion:

Listen to the full episode here:

Lead image: (from L to R) Dr Jess Stanhope, Professor Andy Lowe, Professor Phil Weinstein

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