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Predicting distribution shifts of Grey Nurse Sharks. Guest Blogger Guanfang Su

This week is Seaweek and guest blogger Guanfang Su describes her research on predicting distributional shifts of large marine vertebrates around Australia. Guanfang Su comes from Shandong, China. She is currently undertaking her PhD in the Global Ecology Lab within the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Adelaide. She works with fantastic […]

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Where are the whale sharks going? Guest Blogger Ana Sequeira

This week is Seaweek and guest blogger Ana Sequeira describes how whale shark distribution might be shifting according to seasonal environmental predictors. Ana Sequeira is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide. Her main research interests are to develop models applied to the marine environment to describe key environmental processes, species distribution patterns and […]

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Seaweek – Spotlight on Marine Science

March 6-12 is Seaweek – “Spotlight on Marine Science” March 6-12 is Seaweek, this year’s theme is ‘Spotlight on Marine Science’. Seaweek profiles marine science endeavours exploring the earth’s least understood habitat, the marine environments of the world. The theme also provides a focus for students in schools and for communities to inform and inspire […]

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