Reinvigorating SA’s top earlier adventurer Sir Hubert Wilkins

Sir Hubert Wilkins was bought to life through the eyes of Laura Kissel, Senior Curator of the world’s premier Wilkins archive.

This event was co-hosted by the Environment Institute and the Wilkins Foundation. The foundation aims to inform South Australian’s about the adventurous life of Sir Hubert Wilkins and his scientific, geographic explorations and cinematic contributions.

Laura gave an account of her role as an archivist and senior curator at the Ohio State University’s Byrd Polar and Climate Research Centre, where most of Wilkins records and paraphernalia are kept. She discussed her ability to navigate through the collection and help find relevant information if a person was to research an area of Wilkin’s life.

Some of the collection is available for viewing online. Laura is also able to scan certain parts on demand and send via email, worlwide. Visitors are welcome to the centre where they are able to view specific parts of the collection, which are stored in a massive warehouse onsite. It is amazing that these items are available to the public.

Image: Laura Kissel

The evening also welcomed Simon Nasht, author of The Last Explorer, the first modern biography of Wilkins published in 2005. Simon is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary filmmakers, working alongside Dick Smith. He talked about his research into Wilkins endeavours and the multiple near-death adventures that followed!

Image: Laura Kissel and Simon Nasht

The evening concluded with a delightful interlude by Australian violinist, renown in Thailand – Jonathan Glonek.

Image: Jonathon Glonek

Image: Full house at the Braggs Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide

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