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New Report: Supporting people in social housing gain and maintain employment

The Sax Institute has published the findings of an evidence check review prepared jointly by SACES and the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning (CHURP) at the University of Adelaide.  The review identified empirical evidence of the effectiveness of measures to encourage and assist social housing tenants into paid employment. It also assessed the […]

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SA Data Wrap – a mixed employment report

In this edition of Data Wrap, we consider the latest round of ABS employment data releases, before covering the latest developments in engineering construction and property prices.
Job vacancies tick up
Job vacancies data released by the ABS today suggests that vacancies in South Australia rose in the early part of the year. Total job vacancies in […]

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Labour Force January 2017

Latest labour force figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for January 2017 show South Australia’s total employment increased by 11,300 persons (1.4 per cent) to 819,500 persons over the last 12 months. Full-time employment rose by 5,300.
Employment growth for Australia as a whole was actually weaker than in South Australia. It rose […]

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Presentation to Mayors’ Summit for Jobs Growth

Darryl Gobbett, Visiting Fellow at SACES, made a presentation to the Mayors’ Summit for Jobs Growth at the Adelaide Town Hall on 7 August 2015. The summit was called by the Adelaide Lord Mayor and the Local Government Association of South Australia. In his presentation Darryl considered the environment for jobs and economic development in […]

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The importance of language, literacy and numeracy skills from an economic, social, labour market, government and citizenship perspective

The Centre’s Executive Director, Assoc Professor Michael O’Neil, presented this paper to the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (LLNP) National Provider Forum, Melbourne (8-9 June).
Given the findings of the ABS/OECD international survey on language, literacy and numeracy – in South Australia some 480,000 adults of working age have prose literacy […]

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National unemployment rate improves in December

Australia’s unemployment rate, measured in trend terms, fell slightly in December 2010 to 5.1 per cent – its lowest level since January 2009. South Australia’s unemployment rate remained stable at 5.6 per cent.
The total number of employed persons for Australia rose by more than 25,000 persons in December 2010, with full-time employment rising more […]

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Unemployment rate rises in October

National and South Australian unemployment edge up in response to an increase in labor force participation.

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