Shipping under focus in the Gulf

The Advertiser, Business Journal. 2nd December, 2014

The Spencer Gulf Ecosystem & Development Initiative (SGEDI) will commence a study looking at shipping in the Spencer Gulf and will focus on:

  • traffic
  • pest management
  • potential impacts on the environment.

Professor Bronwyn Gillanders will lead the study and is the SGEDI science committee chair. Professor Gillanders explains that monitoring shipping is important as ships from all over the world enter the Gulf each week. There are tankers, ships and carriers from Italy, Liberia, Hong Kong and Panama to name a few. This poses biosecurity risks in terms of introduced species.

Bronwyn has already been involved with a study surrounding the effects of shipping on the Giant Australian Cuttlefish in the Gulf, and explains that further research and monitoring would help enable sustainable recommendations for proposed new ports, including Port Spencer and the Port Bonython expansion.

The proposed shipping study was reported in the Advertiser on the 2nd of December.

More information about the Spencer Gulf Ecosystem & Development Initiative can be found on the Environment Institute website.

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