eScience: Losing oyster reefs to history

In the May 2015 eScience magazine, PhD student Heidi Alleway and her supervisor Professor Sean Connell highlight the importance of oyster reefs in maintaining a healthy marine environment.

The article explores the history behind the large loss of natural oyster reefs in an effort to better understand how future conservation of oyster species can occur.

“They (oyster reefs) are commonly considered to be ‘ecosystem engineers’ creating an environment that supports and encourages many other species of plants and animals to thrive… At one time, these habitats were widespread throughout temperate seas worldwide but their distribution and abundance has declined by more than 85% due to overfishing, disease and water pollution.”

Read more about Heidi and Sean’s research into the loss of oyster reefs, the impacts and future restoration goals in the full e-Science article.

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