EI Researchers amongst finalists for SA Science Excellence Awards

Researchers from the Environment Institute have been honoured as finalists for the 2016 South Australian Science Excellence Awards. The awards recognise and reward outstanding scientific endeavour, including its application in industry and the advancement of science and mathematics education.

Science Excellence Awards

Professor Alan Cooper, Dr Kieran Mitchell and Professor Andrew Lowe

Our congratulations goes to Dr Kieren Mitchell, who has been nominated for PhD Research Excellence and Early Career STEM Professional. Dr Mitchell has been recognised for his achievement in marsupial evolution, high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, phylogenetics/modeling, and the use of cutting-edge research in DNA sequencing.

We also commend Professor Andrew Lowe who has been nominated for Excellence in Research Collaboration. Prof Lowe is a global leader in environmental monitoring and habitat restoration and has established a network of active research collaborators which extend to thousands of stakeholders across academia, government, industry and community.

A big congratulations to the nominee for South Australian Scientist of the Year- Professor Alan Cooper. Prof Cooper as been instrumental in transforming the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) into an internationally leading research centre, studying issues ranging from Aboriginal genetic heritage to the evolution of human diseases.

Special mention to Dr Jennie Fluin, who facilitates many important research partnerships with the Environment Institute, and has also been nominated in the Excellence in Research Collaboration category. Dr Fluin has been recognised for her involvement with the South Australian Natural Resource Management Research and Innovation (NRMRAIN) Network. The NRMRAIN connects regional NRM professionals and researchers from academic institutes to facilitate research into natural resource management in SA.

We wish all of the nominees good luck!

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