Tiahni Adamson awarded first Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship, for voyage on RV Investigator

A proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman, Tiahni has awaited the opportunity to join the RV Investigator for years.

PhD student Tiahni Adamson is one of two students awarded the first Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarships for the inaugural voyage on RV Investigator. Tiahni is studying a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation and also has a cadetship in marine biology at the University of Adelaide. She is supervised by Prof. Bronwyn Gillanders.

With mob connections to Thursday Island and Larrakia country, Tiahni has been working with CSIRO on Indigenous Education programs such as the Aboriginal Summer School for Excellence in Technology and Science (ASSETS) and teaching science at Garma’s Yothu Yindi Youth Forum for the past four years.

“I dream of conveying my special connection with our land to educate, advocate and nurture sustainable living practices on country. I love spending time in community, learning all I can and keeping culture strong.”

“I hope to gain an understanding of the future for the climate movement, work in wildlife and marine conservation, learn to educate and effectively communicate climate science, and network in a supportive environment of like minded experts; bringing my culture with me. I dream of solving our climate crisis by standing up for Indigenous Australia, facilitating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to manage their country with their incredible 60,000+ years of knowledge.” said Tiahni.

Tiahni has been featured on ABC news and SBS.

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