October’s Science in the Pub is on ecology!

This month’s Science in the Pub held at the Rob Roy Hotel has a focus on ecology.

Environment Institute member Dr Marc Jones who is an ARC DECRA Fellow, and Honorary researcher at the South Australian Museum is speaking this Friday.

Dr Jones has received wide spread media coverage this year with his most recent paper published inScientific Reports, on the Beezlebufo, an extinct frog species which through modelling, is predicted to have equivalent jaw strength to mammals with similar head size.

Dr Jones also wrote a Conversation article on the topic where he explained these results indicate the extict frog could’ve eaten dinosaurs.

Dr Marc Jones was featured in Nature this year for his piece on the Tuatara, which was recategorised as #NotALizard 150 years ago. He wrote an exclusive guest post for the Environment Institute blog and his Conversation article  on this topic was read over 50,000 times.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Dr Marc Jones speak this Friday!

The event starts at 6pm at the Rob Roy, but get yourself there earlier to ensure you get a seat!

Cost: Free Register

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