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Two wrongs make a right

Students make a lot of mistakes when doing their maths, but sometimes they will make two mistakes in such a way that their final answer is still correct. This happened last week with one student quite spectacularly, because his doubly wrong method of doing a particular problem always produces the correct answer.
Let me explain: the […]

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Two kinds of division

If you had to explain what the expression “10 ÷ 5” (that is “10 divided by 5”) meant, what would you say? To be clear, I’m not asking for the answer, I’m asking for a story that will give it meaning.
I’ve been asking people this for the last few days and there are two main stories:
1. […]

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Elsa’s Freedom

Disney’s Frozen came out on DVD last week and my family and I watched it on Saturday. It’s a very good movie with an excellent theme about the real nature of true love which is not usually seen in a “princess movie”. There are also two different stories about freedom, which is pretty common in […]

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