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Give good teaching a go

It was the Uni of Adelaide Festival of Learning and Teaching last week, and as always there was a string of people telling us about the great things they’re doing with their teaching. As much as it can get a bit weary sitting through presentations all day, I really do love seeing that there are […]

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Splitting logs

In our bridging course (and indeed in Maths 1M and Maths 1A and several other courses) there is a section on differentiating logarithmic functions. One of the classic questions that we ask in such a section is to differentiate the log of some horrifying function, with the intention that the students use the log laws […]

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Jamie Oliver’s teaching lesson

[This is a guest post by MLC lecturer Nicholas Crouch]
So it has to be said that I do like what Jamie Oliver does. I have always liked watching his shows and some of the messages that he aims to get across to the community are ones that I believe in. However when it comes to […]

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