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Archimedes’s Integrals

One of my staff (thanks Fergus) told me ages ago about Archimedes’ proof that the volume of a sphere is 4/3 π R3 (where R is the radius of the sphere). It is a very very cool proof and it’s high time I shared it! One of the reasons it is so cool is that […]

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Too much time on his hands

On the train a while ago I overhead some people talking about Heston (the celebrity chef). Apparently he had been doing a series on giant food. It involves him trying to figure out the physics and logistics of trying to produce food on a giant scale — for example, a three-metre tall soft-serve ice-cream cone.
After […]

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Past Exam Vision

Students have just been told their exam results for Semester 1, and some of them are facing replacement exams. So we’ll be trotting out our standard suite of exam advice again, which will be all the more poignant now because these people tried to do it last time and failed!
One piece of advice we give […]

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