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But I don’t like cricket

When I was in primary school, one of my teachers once tried to teach us averages using cricket, and it is one of my strongest memories of being thoroughly confused in maths class.
I’m pretty sure my teacher thought that using cricket to teach averages was a great idea, but (for me at least) it was […]

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The reorder of operations

The community of maths users the world over agrees that when evaluating an expression or calculation, some operations should be done before others. Mostly it’s to prevent us having to be needlessly specific about what order to do calculations in, mathematicians being very concerned with efficient communication.
When you learn it at school, it usually goes […]

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Out-of-body teaching experience

I have had a couple of new staff start in the MLC this semester. As part of the selection process they have to do a trial session in the Drop-In Centre, with me observing how they teach in order to give them feedback.
Every time this happens, it has a very unusual effect on my […]

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