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The Fairyland Clickety-Clock

This post is again inspired by the television show The Fairies (you have been warned!).
In Fairyland, there is a peculiar procedure you have to go through in order to find out the time. The following sequence is played out several times across different Fairies episodes:
RHAPSODY: I wonder what time it is.
HARMONY: Well there’s only one […]

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Four Triangles and Three squares

The picture here holds something really cool:

To make a picture like this, you begin with a triangle, then you construct a square on each side (like with Pythagoras’ Theorem). After that, you join the corners of the squares together to produce three more triangles. So in the end you have four triangles — which I’ve […]

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Very Unique

I often hear that the phrase “very unique” is not a correct thing to say. The explanation is that the word unique means “there is nothing else like it” and as such is already an absolute. So there’s no grades of unique: something is either unique or it’s not — there is nothing else like […]

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