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Ancient boxplots

When we learn things, we tend to get the impression that the things we learn have been passed down to us from the ancients. We think that the ways of thinking and doing we are presented with are the only way to think and do, and they were decreed by some all-knowing prophet in prehistorical […]

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What do you think of when you hear the word “basic”? For example, when you see a topic in a maths textbook entitled “Basic Algebra”, what comes to mind?
In that context, most people interpret the word basic to mean “easy” or even “babyish”. They either feel put out that they are expected to go back […]

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Quadric Cameo

As I said recently, quadrics hold a special place in my heart and I get excited every time the topic comes around in Maths 1B. Quadrics have so many cool things you can say about them, and are such a great opportunity to talk about the deep connection between algebra and geometry. I personally could […]

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