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The advent calendar function

In a previous post I discussed how we need ways to think about functions that are not curves on an x-y-plane. Well I have a seasonally-appropriate one for you: the Advent Calendar.
The advent calendar I have in mind is the kind where there is a little cardboard door for each day in December up to […]

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The Fear of Mollycoddling

Recently I was a guest at a planning meeting for a certain school and ended up in a session where we discussed how we can better support students in terms of their wellbeing. We were shown a news report highlighting the fact that the suicide rate in professionals of this particular discipline is four times […]

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A function is not a graph

When students learn about functions at school, we spend a lot of time forging the connection between functions and graphs. We plot individual points, and we find x-intercepts and y-intercepts. We use graphing software to investigate what the coefficients do to the graph, and discuss shifting along the x-axis and y-axis. We make reference to […]

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Research reading can of worms

Today’s blog post is about my experience attempting to become better read in the area of education research, and I’m sorry to say I’m not going to be glowingly positive about it. As the title suggests, it just seems to get out of hand so quickly.
Let me explain.
The MLC’s job is to support all students […]

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