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Plastic bag CPR

There is a saying that goes “practice makes perfect”, but I’ve had several people point out to me that a truer statement is “practice makes permanent”. If you do something over and over, it will stick — whether it is the right thing or not.
This principle was brought home to me very clearly by some […]

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Rhapsody’s sunburn

My daughter asked to watch The Fairies (distributed through ABC for Kids) this morning and as we ate our breakfast I watched as Harmony and Rhapsody visited their friend Bubbles the Beach Fairy on Fairy Beach.
Rhapsody was worried that their fairy dresses weren’t appropriate for playing on the beach, but luckily Bubbles did a Special […]

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The Bare Drop-In Centre Walls

I took down all the posters in the Maths Drop-In Centre on Friday and the effect is startling.
(The reason I took them down is that the Drop-In Centre is moving to a new location in under two weeks and I needed to feel like I was doing something before the boxes arrive and we can […]

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Individual Ahas

At the Hmm… Sessions in November, something cool happened when a couple of the students were showing the rest of us the solution to a puzzle. (Update: Later this year, the Hmm Sessions were renamed “One Hundred Factorial” after the first puzzle we ever did.)
(For those who don’t know, The Hmm… Sessions are a regular […]

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Books in the 22nd Century

I’ve just read a book called “Written for Children” by John Rowe Townsend. It was published in 1974 and gives the history of writing for children (in English) up to that time. It was very interesting reading. What I’d like to comment on here is the final chapter, where the author talks about the future […]

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