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The Zumbo (hypothesis) Test

Here in Australia, we are at the tail end of a reality cooking competition called “Zumbo’s Just Desserts“. In the show, a group of hopefuls compete in challenges where they produce desserts, hosted by patissier Adriano Zumbo. There are two types of challenges. In the “Sweet Sensations” challenge, they have to create a dessert from […]

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Sleeping through Miss Marple

My wife and I like to watch mystery shows together like Poirot, Midsomer Murders and Miss Marple. Unfortunately I have a slight problem: when watching television in a comfortable position, I tend to drift in and out of sleep, no matter how interesting the show might be. This can be quite disasterous for mystery shows, […]

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Jamie Oliver’s teaching lesson

[This is a guest post by MLC lecturer Nicholas Crouch]
So it has to be said that I do like what Jamie Oliver does. I have always liked watching his shows and some of the messages that he aims to get across to the community are ones that I believe in. However when it comes to […]

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The seven doll’s houses

There is an episode of the TV show “Friends” where Phoebe makes a doll’s house out of boxes. The other friends are most impressed with this doll’s house, especially with the candy room, aroma room and bubble-blowing chimney (except Monica of course, who still wants to play with her historically accurate mansion). Unfortunately, the cardboard […]

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Happy Photographers

Once upon a time at my place we used to watch “New Zealand’s Next Top Model” and “America’s Next Top Model”. They were a bit of light fluff that we could have on while doing something else.
Every week in the show, the remaining models had a photoshoot. This involved some famous photographer taking photos of […]

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Quick Iggle Piggle! Catch Makka Pakka’s Og-Pog before it hits the Ninky Nonk!

The CLPD head administrator Cathy told me a story the other day about an experience she had on the train: She was sitting opposite a pair of students, and one was helping the other prepare for a test. The first student was reading out words from a stack of cards and the second was trying […]

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The Fairyland Clickety-Clock

This post is again inspired by the television show The Fairies (you have been warned!).
In Fairyland, there is a peculiar procedure you have to go through in order to find out the time. The following sequence is played out several times across different Fairies episodes:
RHAPSODY: I wonder what time it is.
HARMONY: Well there’s only one […]

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Rhapsody’s sunburn

My daughter asked to watch The Fairies (distributed through ABC for Kids) this morning and as we ate our breakfast I watched as Harmony and Rhapsody visited their friend Bubbles the Beach Fairy on Fairy Beach.
Rhapsody was worried that their fairy dresses weren’t appropriate for playing on the beach, but luckily Bubbles did a Special […]

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