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A recent video from Howie Hua showed how if you split a collection of numbers into equal-sized groups, then find the mean of each group, then find the mean of those means, it turns out this final answer is the same as the mean of the original collection. He was careful to say it usually […]

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A story instead of stars and bars

In a recent post (Counting the Story), I talked about how if you look closely at most solutions of combinatorics problems, you’ll see that they actually count the story of constructing the object rather than the object itself.
One exception to this is a problem like this:
“The balloon man has a huge collection of balloons in […]

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Counting the story

Combinatorics is one of my favourite topics in discrete maths — that topic which is all about counting the number of ways there are to choose, arrange, allocate or combine things. I like the idea that I could theoretically find out the answer by writing down all the possibilities systematically and literally counting them, but […]

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